Gay Times naked photoshoot

Extract below from the January issue of Gay Times containing Gareth’s naked photoshoot.

Gareth Gates naked photoshoot

How was it for you?
It was good! I was less nervous than what I thought I’d be. I haven’t been to the gym in about a year and when I was in Joseph I was really ripped and big, and I go to the gym to put weight on. So yeah, because I haven’t been in a while I was a little nervous about how I’d look but the pictures are ok! That’s the joy of lighting. And despite being nervous, I did quite enjoy prancing around with a sock on my bits.

Have you done any naked shoots before?
Once before for Cosmo, but that was a while ago.

Was it important for you that this was for the Elton John AIDS Foundation?
Well I do quite a bit of work for another AIDS charity Body And Soul, and that’s for kids who are born with AIDS, so it’s quite close to my heart. Anything I can do to help anything like this is great, and you know, I’m not shy – I quite like parading around with nothing on so that’s cool.

How do you feel about loads of gay men seeing you naked in the mag?
Oh that’s cool. Most of my best friends are gay, I’m fine with that. I quite like that that’s what’s gonna be happening!

How do you feel about your body?
If I go to the gym, I’m fine. But as I said without the gym I get very slim and I look quite weedy at times. So sometimes when I’ve not gone I get very self-conscious but most of the time I’m fine, so long as I’ve Veeted my chest.

What other projects are you working on?
I’ve finished Les Mis, I finished that about four months ago. I’ve done about fifty gigs over the Summer and it’s been nice to sing some of my own songs again. And next I’m going into Hair, which is a musical, playing Claude, the lead, and that starts next year. That’s pretty much all naked I think, so this has been a warm-up!

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