On this page you will find not only the charities that Gareth is involved with but also other organisations that he spends time helping.

Giving Voice

Every day, speech and language therapists work with a huge variety of people – from young children who stammer to older people recovering from stroke and other brain injuries. Speech and language therapists enable people to express themselves, to listen to and understand others. The Giving Voice campaign aims to demonstrate how speech and language therapy makes a difference to people with speech, language and communication needs, their families, and the wider society. We want to show what speech and language therapy is and the positive impact it has. Giving Voice will also demonstrate that this unique and vital service is cost-effective and value for money.


Rhys Daniels Trust

Can you imagine the heartache of your child being taken seriously ill? Can you understand the extra stress involved, when your child is moved to a specialist hospital, that is hundreds of miles from home for treatment?

Each year hundreds of families are housed and take comfort from the peace of mind, and security provided, within a Rhys Daniels Trust ‘Home from Home’. The Trust currently has 14 ‘Homes’ in the UK, near specialist children’s hospitals.

Each Rhys Daniels Trust ‘Home from Home’ is self-contained and supplied to the family FREE OF CHARGE. The charity relies directly on financial support from kind and generous members of the public and corporate sponsorship, to fund its vital work.





Gareth has joined forces with his partner, Faye Brookes, to create Fates Academy, a Performing Arts Academy that teaches children of ages 5-16+ the 3 essential disciplines needed in any area of Performing Arts; Singing, Dancing and Acting.

Split by age groups, the classes are run over three hours dedicating an hour each to the three core skills. Under Gareth and Faye’s direction, the team of top quality teachers use creative and dynamic teaching to train each class member to the best of their own ability. Gareth and/or Faye get to classes most weeks and are very hands on in the teaching of their students.


The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading charity for anyone with a personal or professional interest in foster care, with a membership of more than 56,000 foster carers, almost all local authorities and health and social services trusts in the UK, as well as independent fostering providers and local foster care associations.

If you want to find out more about becoming a foster carer, then visit our website to read about the experiences of other foster carers and to find out if you have the skills to foster. If you have any questions about becoming a foster carer, contact your local fostering service or call Fosterline on 0800 040 7675.




Through techniques of concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance, the McGuire Programme helps tackle the many fears of speaking experienced by people who stammer. As part of our long-term strategy, we explain the process of relapse and how to deal with it, should it occur, and we demonstrate how to challenge and begin to change lifelong negative traits. A sports mentality is basic to the McGuire Programme. The McGuire positive attitude is to think of ourselves as “athletes” training to become accomplished at a sport – the sport of speaking.

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